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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Elections in Zimbabwe

Robby and opposition MDC candidate Morgan Tsangirai

Recent news of the sure to be messy election results in Zimbabwe.
Despite warnings against proclaiming victory before the ballots are tallied, the opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change, is claiming a hefty lead of some 67% of the votes.
Secretary-General Tendai Biti of the Movement for Democratic Change says they have won nearly all parliament seats in the main cities of Harare and Bulawayo as well as in some traditional ruling party strongholds.

However, there are conflicting reports from independent observers on the conduct of the election.
Although most of the South African observers are satisfied about the conduct of the elections, two members of the team disagree: they say there was large-scale cheating and chaotic organization. They also believe that it's a bad sign that there are still so few results in. They think this indicates fraud.

Observers from the African Union stated earlier today that President Robert Mugabe's party had indulged in a large-scale swindle. President Mugabe has vehemently denied all such charges.

Assuming he doesn't simply repeat the events of 2002 and steal the election, the insidious Mugabe (he of the food for votes campaign strategy) is unlikely to gracefully accept defeat and walk away from nearly three decades of oligarchy. Already a failed state with a crushed economy (80% unemployment/100,000% inflation) and shattered social structure (1/4 population has fled) Zimbabwe could be headed for further, violent decline.


G said...

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Jay@Soob said...

Heh. Oh, I think that loony Munz held down the fort quite well. Of course should he again get arrested for twinkle-toeing through the streets of Brisbane wearing nothing more than a halter top and codpiece while flinging chunks of cantaloupe at passers by, well we might have re-evaluate the situation...