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Friday, March 07, 2008

Clinton's Trump Cards

Despite Senator Clinton's apparent conquest in three out of four states in "Super Tuesday II" Senator Obama still commands a strong lead in terms of delegates. And yet the recent resurgence of two states that some months ago were effectively "disqualified" from the Dem. Primary serves the obligatory wrench in the Barrack politico works. Which leads one to gander:

Did the Obama campaign "blink" in Michigan and Florida?

Even a "redo" in both states heavily favors Senator Clinton.

The Democratic party would seem to be headed, full steam, pedal to the metal, ass over tea kettle, toward a vigorous stage of infighting that might make even Ann Coulter seem a moderate, Undecided Sap.

And of course, the longer it takes the Dem. platform to coalesce the more cogent and certain McCain's message appears.