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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Will be based in Germany. The US couldn't shake out a deal with Ethiopia? Kip has more.


G said...

They should get a whole heap of landmasses and tie big air balloons to them so the military bases just float about above their domains.

Or better yet, they should've moved the base under the sea, like in the Mediterranean, or Atlantic, then they could've named it something cool like "AtlantisCom".

OH, SNAP, then they could have referred certain Generals, and their equivalent star ranking, as "Patrick Stars" like the dimwitted starfish in Spongebob Squarepants.

ortho said...

AFRICOM should be based in Liberia. Possibly in the thriving metropolis of Monrovia. The U.S. has a long history with Liberia, going back to at least 1822 when the American Colonization Society decided to ship newly freedmen and -women back to Africa.

Jay@Soob said...

LOL, actually, Munz, I'd posit an amassed invasion, the obliteration of corrupt regimes and the placement of various, unusually shaped pieces of driftwood with odd names like "Toastahubacap" or "Wareyehhedded" in position's of leadership. Re-enforce each with a conflicting honor guard of both paparazzi and incredibly annoyed bull moose and I think we'd make some progress.

Ortho, Liberia agreed with you, and for naught as the US boggled every mind and refused. I toss out Ethiopia based on the US support of it's military (especially illustrated during the recent incursion into Somalia and the protracted conflict that resulted) and the likelyhood that the Horn of Africa is a likely candidate of "hotspot" designation for terrorism.

I've recently read that, in effect, proximity is of little importance in todays world. That the US designating Africom's HQ in Europe is a non-issue, especially given US presence in Djibouti. I'm not so sure I agree with that bit of wisdom.