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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Dr. Phil is a Farce Rant

I don't usually delve into the matters of pop culture here. Mainly because I'm about as interested in the lives of what passes for today's glitterati as I am in watching boulders grow. The fact that boulders don't grow only serves to reinforce my point.

However in happening across several articles and television spots in which the drawling and sanctimonious Dr. Phil vomits forth his wisdom regarding the demise of Britney Spears, I can't help but weigh in. Some background:

Dr. Phil's public brand of tough love sometimes makes him tough to love, particularly among mental health professionals who are accusing television's self-help guru of making an uncalled-for house call on Britney Spears this week.Although Dr. Phil — whose full name is Phillip McGraw — announced Monday that he is shelving plans for a show on Spears' latest breakdown, some in the mental health community say just showing up at her hospital room last week was going too far.

And ole Phil is in dire need of yet more attention and adoration. I'm no therapist but I'm fairly certain the first directive regarding helping people with psychological issues is one of confidentiality. And I'm damn certain that confidentiality isn't equitable to welcoming any and every microphone and paparazzi camera to indulge in a painfully obvious "diagnosis" that she's:

in dire need of both medical and psychological intervention.

A shocking revelation! Where would we (or she) be without such astute wisdom?
I'm not exactly sympathetic to the quickly unwinding starlet but the blatant attention whoring at her expense by someone who claims to want to "help" is simply repugnant.

End of Dr. Phil is a Farce Rant.