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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Suggested Wisdom VIII

Whirledview: Anyone looking at America's Nuclear policy would be just as well to crack a fortune cookie and hope for the best. Cheryl offers an open invitation for the blogosphere to concoct our own versions of Nuclear Weapons Policy.

Zenpundit: Alerts me to the above and puts down a rather intriguing set of questions any of which would make an excellent lead in to debate. Said debate would likely elevate to some grand, healthy and fun to watch shouting matches.

The Glittering Eye: Takes on Whirledviews invitation and puts down the most cogent plan I've read yet. I'm hoping he continues to hammer the plan out.

Long War Journal: The Long War followed. Not exactly objective but definitely informative.

Tdaxp: World Peace? Dan asks a seemingly simple question and gets some complex and excellent commentary regarding the possibility of World Peace.

Good stuff.