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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goldfinger, Drax, Zorin... Gaddafi?

On the third leg of his "Hey I'm A Good Guy Now!" tour, Gaddafi finds himself in Spain meeting with Prime Minister Zapatero. While Kadafi seems on the fast track for pulling Libya out of the gap and at least onto the seam (or new core, perhaps) securing lucrative investment deals in Spain and purchasing some billions worth of various military and infrastructure elements from France he maintains a presence that seems straight out of an Ian Fleming Bond novel.

Aside from his Bedouin robes, the giant, heated tent (his residence during his stay in France) and the camel (to maintain the "desert tradition" when greeting visitors) Quadaffi's entourage includes a protective phalanx of 30, apparently virgin, female body guards dubbed, accordingly I suppose, the Amazonian guard. In every picture I've seen of the good Colonel during his international sojourn of redemption I half expect to spot Roger Moore or Sean Connery lurking in the background, martini in hand, a smirking expression on his face as he eyes this episodes villain whose name, by the way, has entirely too many spelling variants.


Ymarsakar said...

The only thing that matters is whether those bodyguards are as competent as Blackwater.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Our family preference is with Blofeld. But in this picture he looks like a cross between drunk Dudley Moore (RIP) in Arthur and Yeltsin (RIP)

Jay@Soob said...


well they're certainly better looking!

he reminds me of a Libyan version of Gene Simmons