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Monday, November 26, 2007

Was This The Scene?

Not likely.

Along with a $1.5 million reward, winners of the Nobel Peace Prize receive some face time with the President of the United States. Which leads one to wonder if at least the second thought that sailed through both Gore and President Bush's mind was something of an apprehensive "Great and now I've got to meet with him."

Well, the meeting took place today and via the Baltimore Sun:

In his private Oval Office meeting with President Bush, the former vice president insisted that they had spoken about global warming "the whole time.'' It wasn't clear if the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, who shared the honor for his work on climtate change, was serious.

"Of course,'' they had spoken about global warming, Gore said, strolling down a rain-slick Pennsylvania Avenue with wife Tipper Gore after a private session with the president. For Gore, who had gone into the White House for a reception for the American winners of the 2007 Nobel Prizes, this was his first return to the Oval Office since leaving office.

But Gore, calling the meeting with Bush "very cordial'' and "substantive,'' declined to elaborate on their meeting. "I'm not going to do an interview here,'' Gore said in his walk down the streets outside the White House. "I don't want to comment more.''

The details, if any are to be forthcoming, should be interesting.