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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Suggested Wisdom V

Abu Muqawama puts up "The Counterinsurgency Reading List."

The commentary of which led me to this fellow Vermonter's blog who appears to be a gun toting socialist. Particularly interesting (if a tad unsettling) is his "Vision for a Socialist State of Vermont."

Eddie of Hidden Unities asks 10 Questions on Torture, guest posting at tdaxp.

Via Sake White, Italy begins to expel unsavory immigrants in what is the most xenophobic act of hysteria I've seen in quite some time. Perhaps ever.

Adrian takes me up on an offer to defend Al Gore's Nobel Peace prize award. An excellent discussion/debate about the global climate change ensues in the commentary.

Updated: Two things I'd thought to mention but then forgot to mention and there on remembered to mention. The nonsensical quality of that last sentence is, of course, of no regard. What merits regard are these:

Wolf Pangloss manages an impressive array of posts dedicated to 4GW.

Media Cheerleaders for Dispair (touches on my own "mastering the media" bit.)

Conflict Map of the Counterjihad

4GW Jihad and the role of the World Media (again, that whole mastering the media bit)

Democracies at 4GW War

Best thing yet is Wolf treads the fine line between the "established" framework of 4GW and the "tentative" sort that is discussed at D5GW. Two messages for Wolf.
1. Hope the camping trip was fun.
2. Look deeper into the 5GW possibilities of what you're posting.

Rick Francona tears into the Foreign Service officers who have been mewling about a possible "forced" service in Iraq.

It’s called the foreign “service” for a reason – I think you and your whining, sanctimonious colleagues have lost sight of that. If you have objections and do not wish to “serve” anymore, resign. We as a country are undoubtedly better off without you representing us.


The Red Son said...

Thank you my friend for the linkage to my blog. "gun-tooting socialist" lol I have been called much worse. good to see another vermonter in the "blogosphere"

Adrian said...

Thanks for the link!

regarding secession, I'd much rather kick out New Hampshire than have Vermont leave. Vermont is two Senate seats for the good guys! ;)

Jay@Soob said...

red son,

you're welcome and likewise.


you're welcome and should your weary travel down the path of misguidance ever become too much to bear, rest assured you have my strong and righteous hand to grasp and pull you aboard. ;)

Pangloss said...

Thanks for the links!

I've looked at 5GW a little and am not sure there is a "there" there. If the goal is to get inside the OODA loop of 4GW operations then the way to do it is with tempo (rather than by confusing the other side with mutagenic memes), and the most effective way to do that is with swarming led by an ideology or doctrine rather than a command structure. Our own compelling ideology has been neutralized if not neutered by multiculturalism. That's why we're so far behind in the 4GW. But this understanding doesn't require any new theoretical framework.

Along the same lines, notice how both Islamists and the far left are swarming with constant assaults on everything traditional in America and Europe. They seem to have a new assault every day. And the way they do it is by believing in and reproducing their ideology. The Islamists indoctrinate their young. The Left have infiltrated the schools and universities and brainwash the children of others there, like a bunch of cowbirds.

Pangloss said...

Further comments on Flavius Maximus here.

Ymarsakar said...

Thanks for the link, Subadei. Even though I tend to be see Europe's reaction as the attempt to hurry up an assignment with a deadline because people slacked off in the beginning. It is not xenophobia so much as incompetence and laziness.