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Friday, November 30, 2007


Pecking away at a small facet of our enemies info ops.

In reading Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group's (hence forth know as CIIDG for the sake of brevity) usual excellence I came across this aside:

You, too, can play a role in countering propaganda through restrictive measures.

Which links to a blog by the Poe-ish title of Quoth the Raven which finds "jihadist" propaganda vids on youtube and invites it's readers to flag said vids as inappropriate. I suppose the reality here is that the newly acquired by Google youtube is ill prepared to enforce it's protocol of decency and so various "jihadist" snuff films escape attention. Given the massive growth of youtube, I'm unsurprised.

What our Poe friend offers is both a tracking and policing device simply through a public, very open source means. Not bureaucracy but a collective of individual vigilance, an online neighborhood watch so to speak.

I'm now beginning to "get" or redefine Robb's "resilient community." Not so much a geographical term that refers to neighborhoods but, perhaps, an ideological term that refers to the like minded. Quite the inference, but then we can wish can't we?


G said...

That Civilian Irregulars group is a terrific idea. Thanks for bringing it to my attention (another to add to my google reader, which rarely gets read these days, darnit).

I like how they mirror the leaderless ideology of other 4GW groups. I wonder if any fringe groups will mutate and make black propaganda videos, or use modern video techniques to place things, or remove things, that shouldn't be there in the film.

Jay@Soob said...

Heh, yeah C4 is blazing a hectic and intriguing path, isn't he? CI's work is invaluable as it combines the analysis of excellent thinkers with a fearless activism and unwavering conviction.