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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chris Dodd Gets it.

At least as far as Pakistan is concerned. I tuned into the Democratic debate in Nevada this last Thursday night and paid particular attention when the subject of the current events in Pakistan arose. Nearly all the contenders sang the song of Democracy as a means to stabilize Pakistan and proposed an end to or limitation of aid to the Paki military should Pervez Musharraf continue his effective martial law.

The exceptions being Senator Hillary Clinton, who seemed to tread lightly with a rather ambiguous position, and Senator Chris Dodd who, quite effectively, drew a line in the sand by stating, no bullshit here, "be careful what you wish for."

I'm amazed that the top down approach to applying democracy hasn't been relegated to that of abject failure by the majority of the democratic candidates. Given the example of Iraq and they're own sometimes valid, more often vitriolic, commentary regarding such one is led to wonder why the idea of enforcing, rather than allowing democracy is suddenly something to be embraced.

I suspect most of the positions regarding Pakistan are designed to induce political popularity. The hard reality that there exists, amidst the realm of foreign policy, the idea of necessary evils, has been tossed aside by most. Kudos for Senator Dodd for kicking aside the popular resolve and putting forth, with much force, his own realisations regarding the Pakistani conundrum. Dodd seems to have learned the hard lessons of the Palestinian election that, regardless of US approval, ended in the election of a rather anti-western element as Hamas rose to power. Very illustrative of Dodd's own warning, "be careful what you wish for."


Anonymous said...

Interesting post Jay. Clinton's stock in trade seems to be ambiguity. My guess is that the line for public consumption from western governments is emocracy for Pakistan, but that most prefer Pervez Musharraf to some unstable assortment of moerates and radicals.

Jay@Soob said...


Yes indeed, I agree. Stability in the face of "oligarchy" is much better served than instability in the face of "democracy." Beyond Dodd and the political ninja we know as Hillary Clinton, I have a hard time believing that the rest of the democratic herd (save for Dennis Kucinich, who exists on his own little planet) believe their own rhetoric regarding Pakistan. It's political pandering to the masses.

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Ymarsakar said...

Democracy as a means to stabilize Pakistan and proposed an end to or limitation of aid to the Paki military should Pervez Musharraf continue his effective martial law.

It is truly interesting how history repeats itself. This is the same road that Jimmy Carter traveled on when he helped depose the Shah of Iran and replaced him with the Shia Islamic Jihad revolutionaries.

The Democrats and their Leftist allies do indeed value social cooperation and what not. However, their views on cooperation is one that is forced upon people. Instead of individuals making their own decisions based upon the rewards and risks at their actual location, people try and micromanage "democracy" as if the West knows anything about democracy other than how to live in its decadent wastes.

People forget that democracies and republics are created by military security and ability. This is because they never fought in the American Revolutionary War. They weren't a protege of MacArthur when he transitioned Japan from a system of Empire to a system of representative democracy.

The Democrats will urge voting and free judges and civil rights, but what will the Democrats do to ensure security so that people will be free to take advantage of such benefits? What do the Democrats even think about when they see the Patriot act and Bush's decisions in America? They see it as threatening civil liberties.

The same philosophy applies to their world views, as well. Civil liberties matter far more than the lives of the people. How you can have any civil liberties in a climate of crime and chaos, like Europe, remains to be seen, however.

Petraeus' COIN doctrine is a good example of how the military builds democracies and republics. They do it from the ground up, once they have a few years of war to sort out the bureacratic and upper echelon command decisions. Petraeus' COIN focuses on the people that matter. Not the groups at the top of the pyramidal hierarchy staying somewhere safe half a world away in the UN. No, Petraeus focuses on the people at the bottom, those matter because that is where ultimate power comes from.

The Left has always believed that student protestors, riots in the street, and international pressure can create a safe and prosperous country. How much of that is due to Soviet conditioning and how much of that is just random junk, is undeterminable.