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Sunday, October 28, 2007


I find the whole "enter these letters exactly as shown" ritual in bloggers commentary to be an abject pain in the ass. Mostly because I get the idiot thing wrong at least once but also because it occasionally (for me at least) has a dulling effect on any commentary I'm prone to leave. I like the nearly seamless transition from post to positing comment, and so it was that Soob posts remained an unmoderated and unsecured venue for commentary.

Upon returning from last weeks sojourn I found the commentary of Soob packed with spam. Not just any spam but the cagey sort where the actual comment is some fawning nicety ("great article,"excellent point" and "wonderful blog") yet the commenter's name is the actual link. Frighteningly crafty these sorts with brilliant blogger name subterfuge with the likes of "cheap Viagra" or "Connecticut motels." Such effective camouflage blending seamlessly with that of Dan tdaxp, adrian, ymarsakar or best yet zenpundit. So effective I was completely duped for an entire second (I'm that slow.)

At any rate I've deleted nearly all the shit and tossed up Blogger's mighty "type these idiot letters" security protocol. So bear with me and type the idiot letters.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a vast fortune to collect from my recently deceased uncle in Kenya...


Curtis Gale Weeks said...

Captcha is not so bad, except for those cases where, in combination with entering a Captcha code the blog holds the comment for further scanning or whatnot without posting it directly to the blog. Say, Blogspirit blogs like tdaxp!

I mean, after entering the damned code, you can see no immediate results!

Curtis Gale Weeks said...

BTW, really cool how Blogger blogs like yours now allow those who sign on via Google to receive email updates of new comments left! Way cool.

Jay@Soob said...


better news yet, the blogger reception of email via commantary now extends beyond gmail into whatever mailing source the commenter maintains.

Jay@Soob said...

which is good news for me in that I retain a lycos based email in spite of my blogs domain maintaining a pervasive Google definition.