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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Satellite images from Aug. 10 and Oct. 24 by DigitalGlobe

Less than two months after a reported Israeli strike on a Syrian target suspected to be a reactor under construction and the site is wiped clean.

“It’s a magic act — here today, gone tomorrow,” said a senior intelligence official. “It doesn’t lower suspicions; it raises them. This was not the long-term decommissioning of a building, which can take a year. It was speedy. It’s incredible that they could have gone to that effort to make something go away.”

The Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha was, naturally, in denial mode.

“There is no Syrian nuclear program whatsoever.”

“We understand that if Syria even contemplated nuclear technology, then the gates of hell would open on us.”

That last bit certainly explains the rapid take down and clean up of a 22,000 square foot building. Any evidence of nukes would not only validate Israel's strike but likely be a harbinger of an even more aggressive policy. Gates of hell indeed.