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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Suggested Wisdom IV

1. Not only is Mike of Spooky Action a smart guy but he's also a graduate of a little known culinary (I think) institute called MIT. At any rate his "I Forgot I Was Gifted. You Probably Have, Too" sets life in a perspective that we all seem to forget: "What have you been looking for externally that you already know internally?" Seems almost contrite but consider your life and then think about it for a while...

2. Steve at Moody Loner links to this Freeman Dyson article regarding the heresy of those that challenge the convention of global warming.

3. AE blogs again and here extends some excellent analysis regarding the recent Chinese hacking of Pentagon networks.

4. Chirol of Coming Anarchy got married. Best wishes to him

5. Eddie considers the great "question" in the same fashion. Best of luck to him.

6. Wangbo suffers the new semester:

Student: “Do you think your hairstyle is strange?”

Me: “No. I can see several strange hairstyles in this room, but mine is not one of them. Do you think my hair is strange?”

Student: “Yes. Like a monkey.”

LOL! Good stuff.


Mike said...

Oh Great Soob,

I am humbled by your words! Thank you.

Was that monkey line a tangential "Zoolander" reference? ;-)


aelkus said...

Didn't Adrian of Politics and Soccer get engaged recently too?

Jay@Soob said...

Indeed he did. A lady in med school if I'm remembering right. Adrian seemed a tad reticent about it and so I left off regarding a cross-blog post.

Jay@Soob said...


Now that I think of it...