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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

xGW and History

Interesting discussion at tdaxp in light of what I'd imagine to be Dan's "primer" for both the xGW framework and the 5GW theory. The commentary took an historical twist entertaining (and effectively tossing out the chronological restrictions levied by Lind et al) various events and bouncing them off the xGW backboard. I'll reiterate here my comment there induced by the last bit of Dan's latest comment:

"5GW walks as surely through biological weapons as it does between stone axes. "

So 5GW transcends the chronological restrictions of Linds xGW?

So long as history is being discussed and we're ignoring the constricting ideology of "traditional" xGW:

Allow me to wander a bit here, not quite off topic but down a side path (with a nice array of tiger lily's and ending in a fountain perhaps.) Two figures of Roman history:

Fabius Maximus: Utilized Washingtonian (actually the other way 'round but for the sake of discussion) tactics against Hannibal. 4GW?

Gaius Marius: Wittingly or unwittingly devised the fall of the Republic through a shift in allegiance from the Republic to the general. 5GW?


Dan tdaxp said...

Thanks for the link!

The generations of war do not emerge, but are always present.

Jay@Soob said...

You're welcome!

Sad to have missed that bit of excellence both in the post and, especially, the commentary.

A question. In a long ago post you referred to an indigenous American resistance (I can't recall which tribe or nation) as "Pre-Modern" and so, precluded them from the xGW framework. Have you revised your ideology?

Dan tdaxp said...

Along the way Curtis (I think) convinced me that what I was calling "Pre-Modern Warfare" could also be called 0GW. It fits in with the rest of the framework, as each lower generation is more directly kinetic.

Anthropological evidence suggests that an average year in a Pre-Modern (OG) society has a kill-rate greater than that for Germans in, say, 1942. And that's assuming no war!

Purpleslog said...

TDAXP, I think you are looking for this:

Referencing this:

Purpleslog said...

My contributions are pretty minor. I think I have fed more off TDAXP, Curtis, and Zen then vice versa.

Dan tdaxp said...

My apologies, PurpleSlog!