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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Vaccine For This Virus (Yet)

Via Coming Anarchy, Chirol's post regarding the spread of Jihadist's tactics from Iraq to Russia. The difference? The Russian murderers claimed not Jihad but Russian social nationalism under the flag of Nazism. This via RadioFreeEurope:

"Two men are seen kneeling on the ground in a forest, their arms and legs tied up. A large flag with a Nazi swastika stands in the background.
"We've been arrested by the Russian National Socialists," one of the two men says.
A third man walks up to the captives and beheads one of them with a knife. The second captive is shot in the head and falls forward into a freshly dug grave.
Two masked men then raise their arms in a Nazi salute.
Killings Appear Real
This the content of a two-minute video posted on the Internet by a little-known Russian organization calling itself National Socialism/White Power.
The video identifies the two captives as "colonists from Tajikistan and Daghestan."
It appeared on the Internet on August 12 but has since been pulled from most websites."

My comment on CA:

"This ranks right around 9.5 on the not good scale. Ones wonders when the first IED detonates in an American city as gangs begin adopting tactics in similar fashion. This, I think, is the essence of John’s GG theory. Not a set group hellbent on accomplishing the specific goal of “X” but a more of a viral set of tactics as various subgroups realize the potential for success in engaging in small scale attacks that wreak large scale effects both economically and societally on their larger enemy. The real effect is disruption the ideological effect is empowerment (both in the eyes of the attackers and the victims.)"

My previous reflection on John's GG's:

"the GG taxonomy entails an effect rather than a goal. The GG theory could and does entail the narco-terrorism south of the US border, economic resistance to corporate Shell in Nigeria and the future IED attacks in south central Los Angeles in the name of tribal (gang) dominance."

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Robb's study the spread of these tactics beyond the theater of war and into the aspect of social dissatisfaction is a worrying development. We've spent countless dollars on combating, preparing for and recovering from the next extraneous attack. Have we given enough prescience to those that grow among us?


deichmans said...


Great correlation! Perhaps 5GW could be defined more by the "viral" spread of copycat tactics, enabled by information technologies, and without unity of purpose or focus.

Jay@Soob said...


It's intriguing isn't it. As opposed to the virtual enslavement to ones own ideology that can entail 4GW the 5GW could be a remarkable counterintuitive division from it's other xGW cousins. The belligerent that evokes a 5GW does so free from the ideology he espouses. Yet the viral effect (again think antiChrist as odd as that thought is) carries and infects. Simply toss various "grenades" of ideology in various areas and watch (and tweak) the societal response.

That was a backboard response (meaning I'd bounced an idea off your own idea) and so might not quite make 100% sense. But it plays into my nascent "Ideology" (maybe "Superempowered Ideology") inaugural post at D5GW that has been rolling around in my head for too long and yet lacks the definition required to actually put down there. Frustrating! A bit like trying to catch a firefly. You see it glowing, inviting but just as you reach out and snatch, the light winks out and your hand is empty.

Jay@Soob said...


Scratch the above (sort of) and allow me to address your comment directly (as opposed to using it to reflect upon another idea.) What could be the engine that drives the viral spread of these tactics? What's the catalyst? Could an individual or core group influence the masses to drive such behavior?

deichmans said...

OK, what would inspire others to follow suit and adopt tactics? I think Dan @ tdaxp is onto the kernal: our attitudes. Some of us will choose to adopt what works ("best practices"), while others may choose to copy-cat because they admire the original executor. Still others may do so because they malign the target (or, more subtly, they malign the executor -- and want them to be incriminated by their actions).