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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Ox

Ralph Peters has an interesting piece up at AFJ in which he entertains a voluntary re-enlistment of retired officers and NCO's:

In these years of relentless stress on our understrength Army and Marine Corps, one pool of talent foolishly goes unexploited: military retirees, the "Geezer Brigade," those of us who have career-long experience and retain the patriotic will to serve.

This isn't about mobilizations from the Individual Ready Reserve or involuntary recalls of any kind, all of which constitute an unjust and selective draft from those who've already contributed their share. On the contrary, a your-country-needs-you appeal to capable retirees to return to an innovative category of uniformed service would capitalize on the willing.

An interesting concept that might fit well within the grand strategic sphere of Barnett's Leviathan counter-part, the Sysadmin.


Anonymous said...

Already serving in support roles. Called contractors.

Jay@Soob said...

At, and I'm making a presumption here, a good deal higher cost.