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Sunday, July 01, 2007

On the 8 Random Facts Bit.

I've been tagged by ZenPundit for the viral 8 random facts meme. And so, here they are:

8. In the sixth grade I watched my best friend devolve into virtual insanity with the tacit assistance of the teachers and school.

7. I once sat in the back of an LA County Sheriff cruiser and "rolled hot" (parlance of the officer driving) in order to rescue a friend stuck mid climb on Mugu Rock.

6. I have slept off a drunken stupor in the basement of a "love hotel" in the Kabukicho.

5. Pink Floyd is simply the finest in any aspect regarding music. Any opinion otherwise is wrong. Period.

4. My favorite food, fish, (specifically tuna and salmon) is best consumed raw and on a rectangle of vinegared rice. My other favorite food, chicken and dumplings, is only to be prepared by Mom. Period.

3. I have been booted from an izakaya because my Korean friends were "too loud."

2. In hitchhiking from a parking area to the actual site of the Rainbow Festival of 1992 my friend and I were picked up by a Time magazine photographer. He declined to take our picture but his press pass saved us miles of walking.

1. Much of what you read here is conceived of while either murdering innocent paper targets with a hand gun or smacking balls around on a pool table. I find both to be something of a catharsis, clearing my mind of the heaviness of everyday existence.

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Adrian said...

A response shall be forthcoming!

Adrian said...


Steve said...

Here there be 8 random facts about the Moody Loner. Gaze not into the Loner lest the loner gaze back into you.

Dan tdaxp said...

To learn 8 random facts about me, I suggest you RSVP for Boyd Conference '08! :-)

Purpleslog said...

Here's mine: