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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer on the Lake

Originally uploaded by subadei

I've been farting around with Flickr and exploring it's blogging capabilities. Given that WordPress does not host images in the same fashion that Blogger does I'll be relying on both photobucket and flickr for presenting any images at Soob II, or as I've taken to calling it, the Prototype.

At any rate, the last week saw some time at my parents haven on the lake and Ma Soob was gracious enough to allow me to commandeer her camera and snap a few shots along the coast of Lake Champlain during a short trek along it's shores. Short because several storm systems were wandering about and tossing lightning here and there.

What your seeing in the above photo is a view across the lake at New York. What looks to be a freshly felled tree is actually a long ago fallen tree that managed to maintain it's root structure and lives happily suspended in a horizontal fashion over the water.


G said...

You should disregard the blog format all together and make your blog into a major motion picture. That way, you might get a wikipedia entry.

Adrian said...

Given that Soob is 900 years old, how old is Ma Soob? Or is that one of those questions you don't ask?

Jay@Soob said...

d, P'slog and co. did a fine damn job containing that bit of wiki-idiocy. As for the movie bit, I've got a call into my friend Steve Spielberg and he's, um, busy.

Adrian, never ask a lady her age! She doesn't look a day over 35. Honest. Swear on my, er, horse.

Soob or (Subotai, Subutai, Subeedei, Subedei, Subadei... Fat and silly [yet brilliant] bastard wasn't literate!) is actually more along the lines of 760 years old. Give the poor bastard some credit, eh?