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Saturday, June 23, 2007

"The States That Fail Us."

That was the blurb from this months FP magazine which is where I got my first look at the above map. Interesting as it is it wasn't until I was viewing it again at GTWCatholicgauze that I noticed the US was merely Stable whereas Canada had earned the Most Stable status. Considering the very real possibility of an independent Quebec and looking at the indicators used to rank nations Canada hardly seems any more stable than the US.
No doubt the list isn't at all a forecast but Japan's growing and alarming demographic nightmare isn't shared by the less stable (according to the map) US and so one wonders how stable the state of Japan really is.

Small, nitpicking observations aside, of the galactic industry that is periodicals I read only two with regularity and FP is one of them. The rest of the issue is good stuff.