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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Moving Day Draws Nigh

I've pretty much committed to moving Soob to greener pastures as far as platform is concerned. The Blogger platform is great for it's easy interface but frustrating for it's limitations (and I am hopelessly ignorant in regards to HTML.) Having spent nearly an hour and a half trying to size and resize, crop and re-crop a pic for my header I've lost the last of my patience. The question of course is where to go?

I'm leaning heavily toward Wordpress (which powers the likes of Coming Anarchy, Pacific Empire and Hidden Unities, all great looking blogs.) When I first started Soob here at blogger I also claimed a Wordpress alias under the same moniker. So I fired up Soobs long lost "twin" and spent some time experimenting. It took, literally, three minutes to accomplish what I couldn't accomplish here after more than an hour and plenty of colorful (and occasionally new) language. The novel ability to not only upload but crop a new header.

At any rate, I'll spend the next few weeks playing around with other platforms before making the move. One worrying unknown is the ability to transfer the posts and commentary from the original Soob to the new. Any advice is not only welcome but encouraged.

I've imported Soob onto wordpress. As I tweak and redesign some will notice links to their blogs from SoobII. SoobI is and will remain the "true" Soob for the time being so don't adjust your bookmarks or blogrolls just yet.

UpdateII: But do feel free to drop by and have a look as SoobII evolves!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the shift. The new site looks great.

Jay@Soob said...

thanks Peter. Good stuff at CA, by the way!

Unknown said...


I like the new site. Not that it matters now since you are set on the move, but I've found this site particularly helpful when it comes to modifying blogger. It has some pretty easy and useful html codes and tricks to help you pimp your site. :)

Jay@Soob said...

Thanks, nykrindc.