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Most of the worlds media is focused in on the tension between the US and Russia regarding the US sponsored missile defense proposal. Tensions seemed to ease a bit when Vladimir Putin took a step back from his previously harsh rhetoric (re-targeting Europe) and implied he'd be willing to consider the proposal if Russian radar arrays replaced American systems and their placement be in southern Europe and Turkey.

Another source of disagreement has been quietly unfolding in the last few weeks: The UN security councils American supported proposal for a free and independent Kosovo. Both the Serbian Republic and Russia (the latter promising veto) oppose the initiative. Interestingly enough, Serbian President Boris Tadic maintains a cynical (and realistic) view of Russia's opposition:

"I don't talk with Russian officials about the veto anymore. And I'd like to say that I appreciate very much Russia's position right now about Kosovo-Metohija. But we know very well that Russians are caring about their own interests. The interests of Serbia today are not their priority."

A complete analysis can be found at BBC's Kosovo in Transition series.