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Lebanese coup?

Uncle Naz says "I'm gonna getchoo sucka!"

Back in November I commented on the rise of Hezbollah amidst the political side effects of Israels meandering offensive in August of '06. Back then good ole Uncle Naz had promised the world a peaceful protest of a "corrupt" regime.

It would appear that "protest" has evolved to "coup" as violence erupted in Lebanon and Tripoli:

(link courtesy of Catholicgauze)

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Hezbollah-led opposition supporters paralyzed Lebanon Tuesday with a general strike and tire-burning protests that led to street clashes in which three people were killed and scores injured.
What had been planned as a peaceful work-stoppage turned into the worst violence since the pro-Syrian Hezbollah movement and its allies launched their campaign in November to bring down the U.S.-backed government of Prime Minister Fuad Saniora.
In a televised speech to the nation at the end of the day, Saniora called for a special session of parliament to defuse the crisis, and gave every indication that he intended to stay in office.
"We will stand together against intimidation and confront sedition for the sake of Lebanon," he said. He added he remained ready for talks with the opposition.
Black clouds billowed over parts of Beirut as opposition supporters set up burning roadblocks on main routes and at entrances to the capital, as well as in other major cities to enforce the strike. Commuters were stranded and business came to halt in many districts of the capital...

Given the recent revelation of “secret” peace talks between Israel and Syria and the impending international conference to raise cash (and domestically bolster Saniora) the timing of these riots is no accident.

What'll be interesting to watch is the international reaction and whether the UN resolutions that ended the Israeli incursion and mandated the "disarmement" of Hezbollah will prove (as I suspect it will) to be a waste of ink. Certainly the complicity of the Auod faction complicates any international course of inaction and will likely be leaned upon heavily to justify such. While resolution 1701 (article 15 I believe) entails disarming Hezbollah it doesn't entail political revolt.

The ramifications in Israel should be exciting as Olmert already faces investigations and popular dissent for his clumsy offensive this past summer.


Dan tdaxp said...

This is a sign of Israel's fracturing of Hezbollah and Syria. Israel's strategic goal has been to make sure her neighbors are divided, and this is part of that.

Jay@Soob said...

Are you referring to the Yinon strategy, Dan?