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The Counter-Core reaches out.

In between bouts of stealing portions of the Queens navy, Iran makes time for more benevolent endeavors. It's recent agreement with everyones favorite Easter Party Pooper for instance.

Iran and Venezuela are planning to embark on joint economic cooperation in Africa.

Iran's Ambassador to Caracas, Abdollah Zifan, has said that the two countries have decided to actively participate in joint development projects across Africa.

He was speaking following talks in Caracas with the Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister for Africa, Reinaldo Bolivar.

Zifan said that Tehran and Caracas had already agreed last year, during the sidelines of an African Union meeting in the Gambian capital Banjul, to jointly cooperate in energy, agriculture, infrastructure, health, water treatment and human resource development projects in Africa.

Bolivar said that his country backs efforts to bolster what he termed was 'South-South' cooperation, adding that Caracas will host the Second Latin America-Africa Summit.

He pointed out that Venezuela has already established a bank in Mali and has developed a major educational program in 16 African countries in cooperation with Cuba.

"We welcome Iran's participation in such projects," Bolivar said.

Relations between Tehran and Caracas have improved significantly in recent years. Both countries are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Tehran hosted the Fourth Meeting of Iran-Venezuela Joint Economic Commission last month.[PressTV]

As far as Africa goes it would appear that counter-core elements are dashing to the head of the line. Pay attention to this "South-South" economic strategy. It is what the counter-core will likely be built around.


G said...

The Iranians just lost a court decision in London involving some antiquities [1].

A judicial decision that is politically inspired perhaps? Or another prong (lawfare? culture war?) on a multifaceted Iranian front?



aelkus said...

Again, I am pretty skeptical about the ultimate relevance of the Chavez-Tehran axis.

What does seem apparent is that Chavez thinks he's the next Castro, and is spending his political capital on international adventures. He has the fawning Western admirers and rhetorical flair, but none of Castro's ruthlessness. We'll see how far he gets in trying to building up his influence.

Anonymous said...

These sorts of agreements used to be quite common, and generally not worth the paper they're written on. In this case it's hard to see how it would work - what would they 'cooperate' about? Building village wells in the Sahel? Seems pretty tame compared with more direct ways of baiting the US and UK.

Jay@Soob said...

baron, ICP is a very interesting looking blog. I'll have to give it further read after I've caught up. Your link was incomplete (a blogger phenomena no doubt.

I welcome your skepticism and realize the conjectural quality of the above. At some point in time I'll expand this theory beyond that of my usual too short blog posts. It goes beyond that of the two mentioned characters whose "alliance" is one that appears to be of convenience rather than principle.

I agree with you regarding Castro. Not only does Chavez lack his "mentors" brutality he simply cannot afford it.
G.W. Bush brought us the "compassionate conservative" (aka fiscally irresponsible republican.)

Chavez brings us the "compassionate neo-socialist." Shucking heating oil to the poor folk whose "gubbermint don't help" in the American northeast (yet happily charging them $2.95 for a gallon of unleaded[in northern ME])he's drawing himself as the socialist who truly "looks out for the little people." Even in a country run by the sulfurous GW Bush ole Pa Chav is ready to lend a hand.

Strat, thanks for swinging by. Whatever joint ventures Iran and Venezuela embark upon the catalyst (from my perspective) is less about pissing off the US (or UK) and more about delivering a message to the entire "Core." That message being, in short, "We can play globally too."

G said...

Blogger is just hungry. It likes to eat links as a form of primitive sacrifice every so often.

We have appeased blogger ... for now.

Jay@Soob said...

LOL! E-mail it to me.