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What if daVinci was a founding father?

What if?

I've recently layed down some comments regarding the second amendment at tdaxp. My concluding (thus far) take involved the principle that the founding fathers could not endeavor to foresee the prospect of federal law intervening in an unconstitutional manner in a protectionist effect. To simplify, they couldn't and didn't fathom the prospect of a government limiting arms ownership along the lines of societal security.

This got me to thinking. What if daVinci had been a founding father? Would his futuristic philosophy have entertained various eventuals that would become certainties? What would the Constitution look like if Madison had given way to daVinci?


Dan tdaxp said...

It would have been interesting if more of the Southern European Enlightenment had been in American consciousness at the time. As it, the spectrum of American thought seems to have been the spectrum of British thought.

Given the history of Italy v. Britain in the past few hundred years, Britain's formula seems to have been better. So "that probably would have been unfortunate" is the best answer I can give you.

Jay@Soob said...

You know what amazes me the most regarding the ardent supporters of gun control. Typically they scream about the Patriot Act (of which I am not a big fan, to be fair) robbing them of their civil liberties in the guise of "protecting the homeland" and yet are perfectly willing to engage in a parallel line of "logic" that results not in the "foggy" civ. lib. concerns the PA raises but blatant constitutional violation. They simply define vertical thought.