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Vlad Putin on EU membership

“Developing multifarious relations with the EU is Russia’s own choice solidly based on principles. It’s true that we have neither the intention of joining the EU nor of establishing any common institutions in the foreseeable future, for obvious reasons. Looking realistically at the way things stand, Russia intends to build its relations with the EU on the basis of contractual obligations and principles of strategic partnership. I’d like to stress the point that we are ready to go as far as possible in this partnership provided our partners meet us halfway. An agreement on relaxation of visa requirements will come into effect soon. We see the agreement as an important step for signing an agreement on visa-free travel.” [Pravda]

I commend his realist approach and yet...

"Not unlike the EU, we reject the use of force in the settlement of international problems, and we also support the strengthening of a collective basis in European and global politics. We view the European integration as an objective process that represents an integral part of the emerging multi-polar world order. Therefore, it is important for us to witness the EU become an increasingly authoritative and influential center of the world politics; the organization which makes a substantial contribution to solving issues related to regional and global security.”

Emphasis is mine.

Ole Vlad seems to fully recognize the economic importance of globalized relations and yet takes a jab at the Bush admin. and (indirectly of course) at the Leviathon/Sysadmin strategy. Here's where I think Dr. T. Barnett's blueprint might run into some snags. An example as Vlad indirectly yet effectively points out: The willingness of other core states to engage and defeat gap state regimes rather than pivot their foreign policy around them.


aelkus said...

I think you might also find this story in the American Conservative very interesting:

Jay@Soob said...

Enlightening and dead on. Yet another effective illustration of the sad continuance of the cold warrior. I'm going to have to check out Lievens book.