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PurpleSlog links to a touching video that illustrates the compassion of some anti-war protesters (or as Purp refers to them "the Anti America 5th column.") They've even written a lovely melody which goes something like:

"Build a bonfire, build a bonfire put the soldiers on top. Put the fascists in the middle and we'll burn the fucking lot."

Catchy and deep, isn't it? Who'd have thought such a collection of human waste could be so damn intellectual?!


Anonymous said...

Highly original as well. I remember we sang the same tune at school, albeit about teachers and textbooks.

G said...

I've always thought that if corporations are psychopaths, as the notorious documentary and many leftists proclaim, then leftist groups are schizophrenics. For instance from the DSM IV (

Symptoms include delusions (America is the root of all evil, conspiracies are everywhere), hallucinations (all news is propaganda, truth through drug use), disorganized speech (incomprehensible post-modernism and critical theory influencing their thought and leading their intellectual framework), grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior (no singular political outlook, "diversity is strength" thus paradoxically incorporating everyone from free tibetan protestors to neo-maoist revolutionaries all under the same protest) and finally negative symptoms, i.e. alogia (you can't get more poverty of thought than in that video), or avolition (inability to organize a true social revolution).

I've probably built a nice little strawman with the above examples, but so did those protestors (and they burned theirs).

Jay@Soob said...

An intriguing and excellent analogy! You should pursue that line of thought and hash it out in a post.


I knew that catchy melody couldn't have been born of such intellectual depravity.

aelkus said...

Those are a bunch of shitheads, for sure.

I think that's more about what I said earlier, with protest as indulgent performance art rather than determined and strategic activism.