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The Great Global Warming Swindle?

I've just watched this 90 minute defamation of the current frenetic global warming storm. As I've stated before, I generally find a particularly interesting flaw in the paintwork of a wall (the incessant bulge of an un-countersunk drywall screw for example) or an intriguing ball of fiber in a carpet when the subject of global warming comes about.

That said I've watched the Global Warming Swindle and to be fair I have yet to subject my eyeballs and brain to Al Gores Academy Award Winner (in most crowds this is a qualification, in mine a warning flag) An Inconvenient Truth. In other words, I've read the reaction before the action, so to speak.

In that light, I'd say the GW "alarmists" have been essentially hamstrung by other "real" scientists. The participation of both the co-founder of Greenpeace and MIT (and other academic experts) divides "Swindle" from the decidedly shaky foundation of the "Loose Change" phenom. In other words, while I'm leery of most assertive info I find on the net (especially in "documentary" form) "Swindle" strides beyond simple rhetoric and hollow conspiracy.

The video can be found via google video, here.


Luke H said...

Soob, I've written up my own reaction to Swindled here.

Jay@Soob said...

Thanks Luke.