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Oh the humanity!

Take a breath... Get a grip... Give it a rest.

We're in what, day 9 or 10 of the Anna Nicole saga? Did the death of President Ford warrant such a long lasting and slavering attention? Of course not. Don't be daft. The painful stodginess of a President dying pales in comparison what with all that courtroom drama (broadcast live by various networks: oooh, fucking riveting! Hold on, let me set aside my dried cheese collection so I can tune in) surrounding the "ownership" of her body and the subsequent burial site. And, of course, we are further enamored by the calamitous scrambling to announce sirehood for her latest child. All claimers acting in the most altruistic fashion, of course. Welfare of the child, good home, sound upbringing and all that. Interested in buying a bridge?

Where does journalism divide itself from sensationalism? Or does it? That line seems increasingly blurred these days. Journalism is quickly devolving into a classless, homogenous form of glitterati parasite. Find the most outrageous, essentially mundane topic cling to it, feed from it and rake in profits at the expense of reality.

A tragic life lead to a tragic death, no doubt. The continued exploitation of such traveling under the thinly veiled guise of news is pathetic.