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Courtesy of tdaxp, comes this brilliant example of what is possibly the most singular demonstration of complete strategic idiocy since the Battle of Cannae (yes it's melodramatic, but Christ, how stupid is this!)

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated that Kurds do not have the right over oil in their areas, Reuters reported on Thursday.
On the issue of the ownership of oil Reuters stated, “Ethnic Kurds whose region includes the country's northern oil fields including the giant Kirkuk field have signed some contracts with foreign oil companies, spurring confusion over who has the authority to ink contracts.”
Rice said the oil law would not give the Kurds such authority.
"Even though the Kurds might have been expected ... to insist that they will simply control all the resources themselves, that's not what the oil law does," Rice said.

Now I'm no Musashi, Sun Tzu or Marius but I'd have to believe that the last thing one does when essentially losing a fucking war is to marginalize their allies. Amazingly, instead of bolstering their initiatives in Iraq with the Kurdish presence (Formerly Known as Allies) this myopic administration has essentially kicked the Kurds into obscurity, preferring instead the hopeless visage that the Shia/Sunni conflagration has to offer.

Mr. Bush. You had a way out, a positive element to grasp as you lost the initial prospects you desired. Now you've taken steps to completely ostracize an American presence in Iraq. Congratulations.


Bobby Coggins said...

The Kurds have no right to oilfields in Iraq than any other ethnic group in any other sovereign country can lay claim to natural resources that lie within a province.

If the Kurds want the oil, then first have to have their own country, which I wouldn't mind seeing at all.

I don't know the rules of property ownership or who can own mineral rights in Iraq, but I suspect the government does.

In a capitalist society, the oil belongs to whoever owns the mineral rights. Then, everyone in the region, and country would benefit from the economic activity that would surround the mining process.

All that being said, I have enjoyed your meanderings.

Jay@Soob said...

thunder pig,
thanks for your comments.

I too would like to see a kurdish sovereignty. However the policy of the current administration is sticking stubbornly to the impossible ideology of Iraqi unity. In their apparent want to never be wrong they seem to be willing to stifle the growth of the one region in Iraq that shows stability.

It is likely the Kurds will pursue oil deals without the consent of either the Iraqi "government" or the US. What will be interesting to see is if the clowns running this operation begin dropping bombs in Kurdistan.

Glad you enjoy my meanderings :)

Barbara said...

Guerro cheiticure xade, wenteric isti tod. Lasprenterro rinalmentins vol, para in zelo enconaston homendolca ha... Deg kanabe ondarole, vitoua fa! Oves xad me vuo la, yo?

Dan tdaxp said...

No link to the original post? Oh, but how shall I get google & technocrati credit for the word? Oh, the pain of it all... :-p

Jay@Soob said...


Blogger been a real pain in the arse as of late. When I first posted this article it was all in black font. Given my background you can imagine the result. After 20 minutes of reposting I gave up and assigned a grey hue to the entire deal. The link is there it's just not blue. But, it will be.

Jay@Soob said...

Rest easy, good fellow. There shines your sagely name in an almost royal blue. :p

Jay@Soob said...


Having a bit of trouble following you, I'm afraid.