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Just how far does Hugo Chavez vision of "socialization" go?

Bolivia Allows Venezuela To Send Troops

Bolivian opposition leaders are outraged over President Evo Morales' decision to allow Venezuelan troops to enter the country without congressional approval.Former Bolivian President Jorge Quiroga said Morale's decision was "trampling national sovereignty," The New York Times reported Tuesday.
More than two dozen Venezuelan soldiers had entered the country in recent days and weeks amid increasing tensions between Morales and lawmakers hailing from the country's eastern provinces.
In the eastern provinces, many Bolivians are critics of the leftist leader and his policies, such as the decision to exert greater state control of the country's lucrative natural gas sector.

Am I overreaching in envisioning a "United Socialist Republic" of south america? As socialist regimes like Venezuela and Bolivia enjoy and espouse resource based foundations (which relegate western intervention to that of "dicey" or "economicaly unviable" to say the least) and political alliances, is a "hegemonic" or "amalgamation" vision of South American regimes off base?

While western attention, both media and governmental, embroils itself in the middle east a momentum builds south of the border.


Dan tdaxp said...

Fascinating news! I hadn't heard this elsewhere!

Perhaps the best result would be for this to fracture Bolivia, allowing the Gap and Core regions to go their separate ways.

Jay@Soob said...

I agree. The problem might be: as the core regions become increasingly marginalized they take on the same principles or affects of their gap aggressors. Make sense?