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Athlete loses citizenship for competing in Israel

Amazingly, right along the heels of my previous post is this bit of blatant paranoid idiocy from Bahrain.

January 06, 2007
Associated Press

MANAMA, Bahrain – Authorities have revoked the Bahraini citizenship of an athlete who ran in an Israeli marathon, the nation's athletic union said Saturday.

Mushir Salem Jawher competed in and won the Tiberias Marathon in Israel on Thursday, ending the race in just over 2 hours and 13 minutes.

Bahrain, like most Arab states, does not recognize Israel, and the Jerusalem Post newspaper said Jawher was the first athlete from an Arab country to compete in an Israeli marathon.

Jawher was born in Kenya in 1978 and moved to Bahrain in 2003, according to the International Association of Athletics Federation. Some wealthy Arab states, such as Bahrain and Qatar, have a history of granting top-notch athletes citizenship in the hopes of racking up more wins in international competitions...