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Haniyeh says "no more beers, I'm driving an entire people into oblivion."


Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has pledged his alliance with Iran. Given that the PA and it's entailed territories and people are a tad, er, politically conflagant at the moment I'm shaving back Hanyehs groveling to 1/2 in regards to the existing D6.
Were I given to establishing a state whose borders include a Jewish powerhouse, I'd certainly align myself with a holocaust denying ideologue like Ahmadinijad. Certainly nothing says "Can't we all just get along" like allying ones prospective country with an established theocarcy that has, essentially, sworn to eradicate the human beings living in another. A brilliant strategic and political move. A bit like pissing on the jailors shoes and then demanding better food.

Abbas seems a lost cause. The power vacuum has been effectively filled by a narrow minded band of idiots whose cause is increasingly less that of the Palestinian people and more that of an instigative element assuring no peace and consequently no possibility of a Palestinian state.
Sad. I once held out for a Gerry Adams like resolution after Hamas ascended to the throne. Now, I realize that Hamas may well set the ground work for the virtual eradication of a Palestinian state.