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Global Climate Change
This is either Rush Limbaugh or Randi Rhodes, can't remember which

When it comes to the subject of global climate change I generally find an interesting rock or carpet fiber to stare at. It's not that I'm unconcerned in regards to global warming as I am particularly concerned. My apparent apathy is born of two major factors:

1. I really don't know much of anything about the subject. Certainly not enough to draw a line in the sand and stake my claim.

2. Most of the frenetic hangwringers and shit slingers that scream the loudest either for or against the theory of human effect on global climate change don't know much either.

The sum of the second factor is a complete lack of critical discourse. There exists no middle ground for the warring camps to discuss their battles. There's no organized faction that is willing to step between the opposing teeth gnashing hold up it's hands and say "Whoa."
From what I can see the subject is entertained by most not because they are truly concerned about solving the issue at hand. It is instead used as a political blunt instrument and swung about with partisan fury. Too many absolutes. I don't generally like absolutes. They make me nervous.

As I stated above I am not privy to the innerworkings of global meteorology. I am however a sheer expert at one thing. That one thing is:

I have the uncanny ability to step outside (I can even do this from the window but stepping outside is more dramatic) cast a quick glance, step back inside and decide with utmost certainty that there is indeed absolutely no snow on the ground.

Now a brown Christmas (the white's evil alter-ego) isn't a shocking developement around these parts. It's not at all uncommon for Santa's sleigh to glide through the rain before landing on my roof with it's big sacks of coal.

What is odd is that we haven't had a real snow fall yet. No Nor'easter has come and plopped half a foot or better. We've had a few smatterings of flakes here and there but we usually get a healthy dose some time in November. That's odd.

This climatic oddity won't entice me to wade into the fray of Nuh-uh Yuh-huh lunacy that is the Global warming debate. But it does warrant concern.